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Hannahween/Halloween 2017

She had cupcakes at school for her birthday. I forgot to take a picture of the kids passing them out and eating them. They were also celebrating Halloween at school so she got some fangs. I always hated stuff like that, but she loved them.

She put them right back in when she got home.

Besides Hannah's birthday and Halloween they had an end of term assembly. Hannah got two awards. One for math and one for perfect attendance. She actually didn't have perfect attendance. She missed two days and the school called me 40 times to check on her. But they must have forgotten and here is her award. The other is for math. In her class, she is light years ahead of her peers in math and the only one who can read.

Hannahween continued the next day with a visit to Chuck-E-Cheese. I feel bad that I don't have friends with children and so I can't throw her parties with lots of kids, but she was a good sport.

I bought her 10 dollars' worth of games and she won several hundred tick…
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Fall Fun

Fall in Albuquerque is rainy but we can amazing rainbows. It wouldn't fit my whole camera, but this is a whole rainbow. They are gorgeous.

Fall in Albuquerque also means balloons. I took Hannah out to see them inflate them one morning. 

I didn't take this photo of the balloons, but it is a good rendition of what it looked like during festival time.

One of my graduate students presented at a local conference and I went to go and listen to her give her speech to people who came to the poster session. 

Hannah has been doing more art. The red-headed woman with the carrot on the left side is me.

And then the pumpkins. We like painting them more than carving them. This one is Frankenstein.

Mom and Me

Hannah still seems to be doing well. I go volunteer in her class sometimes. The last time I was there, they were learning about Poland and they needed to make a poppy field so I helped the kids make their poppies and then they put them in a field out in the hall for International week. After that, I help them do their writing and then we went on a tour of the other country displays built by other classes. 

On Saturday we were in a store and found matching shoes. They are both black and have a quilted look and a shiny toe. So we wore them to church.

I received  new assignment to work with Young Women so now I don't have to wonder what I might get asked to do. I find that I have these days or series of days that are crazy busy and then other days when nothing is going on at all. I try to work steadily to even things out, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it yet. I understand that there are normal cycles of busy-ness and lulls, but I am hoping to figure out how to get thi…

New Life in ABQ

Since my last post on June 18, a lot of stuff has happened. Some of the highlights:

 1. We went to McDonalds a lot. Hannah was able to get every minion toy they had during the month of July.

2. We went to the beach and Hannah discovered the joy of irony. No fishing in the marina? Then what are all those fishing boats for?

3. We also played in the sand. Hannah liked writing with sticks. She didn't seem to mind the colder beach so much.

4. She also discovered the joys of sunbathing.

5. In Monterey they had a wonderful Salvador Dali exhibit. I guess Dali liked Monterey and spent lots of time there and so it was easy to get a collection. Hannah really enjoyed the art, being a trained artist herself from the Lawrence Arts Center Preschool.

6. We did lots of academic work at libraries such as the John Steinbeck library in Salinas. It was a place where lots of transient people came to work. Being homeless ourselves, we fit right in.

 7. Academic work also mean academic travel. I was in…

Moving Day

We have been busy moving to Albuquerque. The house sold in late April and closing was June 15. I have been running around crazily trying to get things done that I needed to and I just didn't have the energy to pack. So there my belongings sat until June 12 waiting to go in boxes. I did manage to take care of the utilities and also do a photo shoot. I don't have the pictures yet, but I would imagine the photographer will want to be paid for them first. :) 
Even so, here is one of Hannah while we were getting set up. I have never had professional outdoor photos taken before so I am anxious to see if they are better. I like family pictures, but it has just always been so much easier to go to a studio and be done in 20 minutes. This shoot lasted almost 90. Luckily Hannah was looking cute. 

We got the U-Haul on June 14 and then proceeded to pack it to the brim. Last year, I bought a beautiful red Ram Truck so we were good to go on space. You can see the truck in the background on …

Memorial Day 2017

I didn't have to work on Memorial Day and we have never been ones for picnics, barbecues, or other socializing. But we did go to Historic Far West Missouri and look at the Temple site there. Hannah wore her Batman costume. It took about 90 minutes to get there. We ate lunch before and stopped for dinner on the way home. The site was smaller than I would have thought.

The cornerstones are under glass. There are leaves under the glass too. I wondered why they didn't dust them off first.

There were about 5000 people living in Far West at one point. There were pretty good records of who bought what land. Most of it belonged to some guy named Railroad, but there were also others.

Ending the School Year

After AERA things generally get quieter for me, but not so this year. We are moving to New Mexico and Hannah finished preschool and we sold our house and so there has been quite a lot of chaos. 
 Hannah and I made a list of stuff we wanted to do before we left the area and one of them was see a few more baseball games. The Royals were playing the White Sox and the seats were cheap so we went out to the game. Hannah really likes watching and playing sports. She wants to go to a soccer game, a tennis match, and learn to bowl too.

Here is the Running Han instead of the running man. She painted this in Preschool and they hung it up with the others in Art Center for all to see.

We also had a lot of birthday parties and graduation get togethers. This was taken at a party for a one year old.

The end of school also means field trips. Hannah's class went to the KU Museum of Natural History. It was a rainy day, hence the McIntosh.

Yes, they are eating their snack on the ground. I tried t…